Building Access Rentals

Ace Rental & Sales carries different types of scaffolding and lifts for any job you may have. Our freestanding PowerMast can reach up to 80ft in height with anchored units able to reach higher elevations..

  • Freestanding PowerMast Lifter
    Freestanding PowerMast
  • Tied PowerMast Lifter
    Tied PowerMast
  • Granite Baker Scaffolding
  • Granite Frame Scaffolding
    Frame Scaffolding
  • Granite Tube and Clamp Scaffolding
    Tube and Clamp Scaffolding
  • Pump Jack
    Pump Jacks
  • Power Pole
    Power Poles
  • Scaffold Stair Tower
    Scaffold Stair Tower
  • System Scaffold
    System Scaffold

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