Cutting Blade and Wheels Sales

Our team at Ace Rental & Sales offers cutting blades and wheels to pair with cut-off saws and grinders that are available to rent. We offer a variety of types of wheels including abrasive blades, tuck pointing wheels, and diamond cut-off wheels. Buying a wheel or blade with your rental will allow you to spend less time shopping for supplies and more time working on your jobs.

Tuckpointing Wheels

These tuckpointing wheels are the perfect choice for professional masons to quickly remove old mortar from masonry joints. They are designed to be used with angle grinders and vary in size depending on the task you need it for. You can use these blades to remove old or weak mortar or when you need to replace the head or bed joints. Ask our experts about our tuckpointing wheels by calling us at 314-771-7222.

  • Diamond Tuck Point Wheels
    Blue Cheetah - Diamond Tuck Point Wheels
  • Diamond Sandwich Tuck Point Wheels
    Diamond Sandwich Tuck Point Wheels

Misc Blades and Wheels

We also offer abrasive blades and diamond wheels for use in construction applications. Purchasing these in addition to renting one of our tools can save you time and money on your next job.

  • Abrasive Blades
    Abrasive Blades
  • Diamond Wheels
    Diamond Wheels

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