Cart and Dolly Rentals

Moving Appliances, Trash, Drywall, and more is part of everyday tasks on any job site. We can help make this easier on you. We offer cart and dolly equipment rentals for construction jobs in the St. Louis area. These include appliance dollies, brick carts, drywall carts, trash carts, and more. Get in touch with our experts for more information about dolly and cart rentals in St. Louis.

Appliance & General Use Dollies

Moving appliances, tile, and other construction materials onto your construction or remodeling sites can be a hassle. Our team offers appliance dollies, hand trucks, and brick carts for use on construction jobs across St. Louis. These dollies are made of high strength materials and can handle any job or task you throw at them.

  • Harper Appliance Dolly
    Appliance Dolly
  • Casey Jones Brick Cart
    Brick Cart
  • Foldable Hand Truck
    Foldable Hand Truck

Drywall Carts

Moving Drywall onto a construction site? We offer standard and low-profile drywall carts for transporting drywall on location. Get your job done more quickly and efficiently with a drywall cart rental from our team at Ace Rental & Sales.

  • Granite Industries Drywall Cart
    Drywall Cart
  • Low Profile Drywall Cart
    Low Profile Drywall Cart

Trash Carts

Do you have a demolition project or a large remodeling project you are working on? Transporting trash and debris out of the property can be a hassle. We offer trash cart rentals for a variety of purposes in St. Louis. Ask our experts about trash cart rentals by calling us at 314-771-7222.

  • Granite Industries Trash Cart
    Trash Cart

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