Lifting Equipment Rentals – St. Louis

Heavy lifting on a project? Our team at Ace Rental & Sales carries any equipment you could need to lift heavy items on your project. This includes chain hoists, lever hoists, jacks, come-alongs, and winches. Get in touch today to learn more about renting lifting equipment from our team.

Chain falls & Come-alongs

Lifting heavy objects on at your jobsite or project can be tough. We can make it easier. Our chain fall and come-along rentals can help you move materials on your project site.

  • coffing hoist chain fall
    Chain Falls
  • coffing hoist come along

Material Lifts

Working on a roof, or do you have materials that need to be moved from ground level to a second floor? Our material lift rentals are a great choice for this. We have lifts, Routs A Bouts and Drywall lifts to help you move materials on your jobsite. Contact our experts to learn more about renting material lifts in St. Louis.

  • bil jax drywall lift
    Drywall Lifts
  • sumner material lift
    Material Lifts
  • sumner roustabout
    Roust A Bouts

Automobile Jacks and Hoists

If you are working on your car, chances are you may need an extra hand. Our bottle jack, car jack, and engine hoist rentals can help you get your job done quickly. Ask our experts for help determining what you need by calling us at 314-771-7222

  • Car Jack
    Car Jack
  • jet bottle jack
    Bottle Jacks
  • jet screw jack
    Screw Jacks
  • Engine Hoist
    Engine Hoist

Winch Rentals

Our team also carries tripod winch lifts for working on a variety of projects. We can help you determine if this is the lifting equipment you need to rent for your project.

  • Tripod With Winch
    Tripod With Winch

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